Special Hainesport Township Meeting March 28 2017

This was the regular March meeting, rescheduled from March 14th due to Snowstorm Stella, and from March 21st due to lack of quorum. Committeeman Fitzpatrick was not present at this meeting.


Special Hainesport Township Meeting March
Chief Wiley & Ty Budden Receive Awards
  • The colors for the Pickleball Court were selected as light green/light blue.
  • Fire Chief Bill Wiley and Deputy Ty Budden were presented with Commemorative Plaques honoring their service to Hainesport.
  • 8th Grade Class President Danny Schiliro’s request for a $1000 contribution to the class field trip was granted.
  • The Route 38 and Fostertown traffic light was discussed. The light could be replaced with a safer one, but the township would need to commit to paying 25% of electrical/construction costs (estimated at $5k-$15k). It was agreed this should move to resolution at next meeting.
  • Mayor Porto read a letter to the Chairman of the Mt. Holly MUA regarding the rapid increases in quarterly rates, and the committee agreed to sign and send it. The letter requested answers on:
    • a seat for a Hainesport representative on the MUA Board
    • The tree buffer that was promised near Maple Ave.
    • an explanation for the fee increases and if further increases are expected
    • what efforts are being made to control costs
    • an explanation for the differences between fees applied to Hainesport and Mt. Holly residents.
  • Township solicitor John Gillespie was authorized to go to Request for Proposals for Affordable Housing Contract Administration, as the existing contract with Triad had expired.

Ordinances & Resolutions

The Ordinance to eliminate healthcare benefits for members of the governing body passed without comment. Resolution 2017-73-3 Appointing Administrator, Municipal Housing Liaison and Acting Clerk (Prospectively) also passed, and Mayor Porto named our new Administrator as Paula Kosko (Until now, Director of Recreation at Pemberton Township). Resolution 2017-74-3 Appointing Chief Municipal Financial Officer also passed although the appointee was not named.

Mayor Porto commented on Resolution 2017-76-3, Introducing the 2017 Budget, by noting that the budget allowed for a reduction in Property Taxes of 3%, or  $25 a year for the average Hainesport household. The budget will be up for Public Hearing on May 9.

Comments from the Public

  • Deborah Earl of Eastampton: is a member of the Christian Faith Assembly church situated in Hainesport. The church wants to build a Senior Housing Project on its property, along with some solar panels. She had met with Committeemen Fitzpatrick & Boettcher last May and emailed with Leo Selb. More recently she had spoken to Amy Cosnoski but no one had contacted her. Mayor Porto told her that he had directed Rick Ragan, Township Planner, to contact her, and she should hear soon.
  • Anna Evans:
    • Asked the name of the new CFO. Tony Porto replied that it was Dawn Emmons.
    • Said that a resident who likes to jog on Creek Road had complained to her about large roadkill (deer) not being removed quickly from the other side of the Lumberton boundary, and wondered if there could be a reciprocal Public Works agreement for times when Lumberton roadkill affects Hainesport residents. She was told that Creek Road in that area is County property, and that calling the Township should result in removal.
    • Said that Snowstorm Stella had demonstrated that the communications from the Township weren’t reaching the majority of Hainesport residents, as most had still put out trash/recycling on the wrong day. Suggested a bipartisan committee (Herself, Committeman Masciocchi or Dickinson, and some volunteer residents) to look into what other Townships were doing and how effective it was. For example, could the Homeowners Associations use their email lists? Mayor Porto said that all residents needed to do was to sign up for email alerts on the website. Deputy Mayor Masciocchi said that they should at least look into improving communication. Committeewoman Gilmore said that many residents in her area (The Glen) did not use computers and maybe they could look into Robocalls. She added that at least one print version of the newsletter should go out every year to provide such people with information.
  • Jennings Black: Is still trying to get permission to build a garage on his land above the level of the pumping station. John Gillespie said he would look into a waiver. Mayor Porto said that further to his other complaint from the previous meeting, a team was coming to look into water pollution of Rancocas Creek by his house.
  • Kitty McNelis:
    • Suggested re the Fostertown light that just marking the lanes as turning lanes or straight on would help.
    • Complained about the rise in NJ American Water costs in addition to the Mt. Holly MUA rates.
    • Observed that the new CFO is actually a return of the old CFO and asked for her wages and hours. Mayor Porto said she would be getting $29,000 a year for up to 30 hours per month with no benefits.
  • H. Krollfeifer: Advised re the Fostertown light NOT to make it as brief as the new Hainesport Mt. Laurel green turn arrow, which is only about 4 seconds and leads to reckless drivers trying to beat it.
  • Irene Baggio: Said she was going to make the same point as H. about the lights. Committeeman Dickinson said they would revisit the timing.
  • Mike Golenda: Confirmed the date for the launch of the Pickleball Courts will be April 15th and spoke about some of the student activities he was planning.

Comments from the Committee

  • Leila Gilmore: Mentioned again the advisability of Robocalls. Talked about addressing some other speeding problems in Hainesport Proper. Said she was looking forward to working with the new Administrator.
  • Frank Masciocchi: Said he was also looking forward to working with the new Administrator.
  • Mick Dickinson: Thanked Fire Chief Wiley & Deputy Budden for their service, and also parents in the audience whose kids worked at the Fire Hall. He also thanked the community for their support of him during what had been a difficult month personally.
  • Mayor Porto: Also thanked the Chief & Deputy. Reminded people that Hainesport Easter Egg Hunt will take place at noon on April 8th for children ten and under. Finally, he thanked the Committee for placing Hainesport in such a solid financial position that they were able to offer a tax cut.

The Committee entered into Executive Session to discuss an OPRA request at 8 p.m.


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