Hainesport Township Meeting May 9th

The interesting thing about this meeting was that some of the Committee members seemed to be fighting each other for a change. In addition, some important upcoming events were highlighted: the Community Yard Sale on May 27th and Memorial Day on May 29th.

Resolution 2017-81-4: Fostertown/Rt 38 Traffic Light

Resolution Authorizing Expenditure of Funds for NJDOT Traffic Control Device for Fostertown/Rt 38 Traffic Light, Not to Exceed $17,500. This had been postponed from the previous meeting to see if the study was necessary. Committeeman Masciocchi objected strongly to Committeeman Dickinson having undertaken some investigation through Administrator Paula Kosko as to the necessity of the study. He appeared to feel that Dickinson had acted without authority. The resolution was passed although Committeeman Dickinson voted against.

Resolution 2018-88-5: Community Yard Sale

The resolution to make the yard sale free was passed in order to encourage residents to participate. The date is May 27th.

Resolution 2017-94-5: Joint Land Use Board Appointment

William Wagner was appointed as a Class II Alternate Member to the Joint Land Use Board

Resolution 2017-96-5: Deputy Clerk

Administrator Paula Kosko was appointed as the Deputy Clerk. This is not a position previously listed on the Township website, which names Amy Cosnoski as Clerk, Sharon Deviney as Deputy Registrar, and Tara Wicker as Assistant to Clerk.

Resolution 2017-97-5: Fishing Tournament

This provides a donation to Mount Holly recreation to enable Hainesport residents to participate in the Fishing Tournament on June 10th.

2017 Budget

Mayor Porto prefaced the Budget hearing with remarks about the tax cut of 3% (an average of $25 per household) and Hainesport’s general financial soundness. Anna Evans was the only resident to ask a question during public hearing, to clarify the nature of the xxxxx entries in many columns. (It means not pertinent in our town.) The budget was passed unanimously.

Public Comment

  • H. Krollfeifer: addressed the ordinance that forbids the parking of trailers, boats and buses on Hainesport’s streets, giving several recent examples. He said it should be removed or enforced. Committeeman Fitzpatrick said that Mrs. Newcomb (Zoning Officer) could do that without committee interference. H. emphasized that he was not criticizing Mrs. Newcomb.
  • Jennings Black: revisited several topics he has brought up before, namely the construction of a garage, a neighboring abandoned property, an overgrown boat ramp, and the color of water in the creek. He spoke for over fifteen minutes in total. Re the abandoned property, Mayor Porto told him the code enforcement officer is aware and has filed a report. Re the creek, Mayor Porto urged him to call the environmental hotline as soon as he notices the scum in the water.

Comments from the Administrator

Paula Kosko discussed the proposed sidewalk improvements on Edwin, Albert & Washington Streets for which we will know if the grant has been approved in September. She reminded residents that they have until May 31st to apply for PSE&G’s Payment Assistance Programs. Finally she noted that the Memorial Day Ceremony will take place on May 29th at 9 a.m.

Comments from the Solicitor

Hainesport Township Meeting May 9th
Solicitor Gillespie & Sharon Deviney

John Gillespie noted that we should consider an Abandoned Properties Ordinance after confirming that we do not have one at present. He said he would draft some wording to look at by next meeting.

Comments from the Committee

  • Leila Gilmore:
    • Talked at length about street repairs and traffic calming methods. Things discussed included larger solar-lit stop signs, signs that flash your speed, speed bumps, and more police officers. Suggested we look at the money available and make a plan.
    • Said she had received a request for a map of the park walkways by the township building.
    • Noted that there was a Senior Expo on May 24th near the Masonic Home which covered info on services for seniors. Mayor Porto asked for the flyer so he could post the info.
    • Reminded everyone that the Senior Citizens Club meets on May 25th at 12, and at 1 there will be a speaker who will talk about revolutionary war re-enactments
  • Frank Masciocchi
    • Referring to the April 11 minutes, Deputy Mayor Masciocchi asked if there really is a committee that looks at shared services. When it was confirmed that there is no actual committee, Masciocchi attacked Committeeman Dickinson for contradicting what he had said at the previous meeting. There was a discussion about the actual suggestion that had been made about sharing court services with Lumberton. Leo Selb had crunched the numbers and reported that it wouldn’t work. Masciocchi repeated that Dickinson should be careful not to make comments that mislead the public.
  • Mick Dickinson
    • Apologized if what he had said about shared services at the previous meeting was taken the wrong way.
    • Thanked Public Works for doing a great job and reminded the public to reach out if they had any issues.
  • Mike Fitzpatrick welcomed William Wagner to the JLUB
  • Mayor Porto
    • Reminded everyone again of the township yard sale on May 27th
    • Also of the Memorial Day Ceremony/Fallen officers ceremony on May 29th at 9 am
    • Thanked township employees for participating in Clean Up Day
    • Talked about how happy he was to be able to give Hainesport the tax decrease, and reminded everyone that Hainesport’s taxes have always been lower than surrounding towns.


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