Debunking the 2017 Smear Mailer

So Hainesport received an expensive, glossy, outsize smear mailer today. We knew it was coming, of course, because the Costa & Schneider campaign had their $7000 from Alaimo to spend. Now let’s debunk the smear mailer claims one by one.

CLAIM: Evans and Darnold are attacking Costa/Schneider with false accusations!

Here are our claims. We challenge the Costa and Schneider campaign to refute anything in this article. If anything is wrong, we will retract and apologize. There’s nothing wrong with it.

CLAIM: Anna Evans was charged with electioneering in 2016

TRUTH: Mayor Tony Porto, Chairman of the Hainesport Republican party, did file a private complaint accusing Evans in 2016. Of course, anyone can file a complaint accusing anyone of anything. According to Evans’ lawyer, Michael Sawka:

The prosecutor, after looking at all the evidence and questioning all the witnesses decided there was no evidence to prove the accusation and dismissed the case. There was no plea deal. If the Porto’s and others sitting in the court room listened to the prosecutor, she dropped the case and did not drop it to a lesser charge like a plea deal would have involved. But, they didn’t like what they heard. The municipal prosecutor deciding no evidence to prove the charges does make it charges unworthy of prosecuting, making them worthless.

CLAIM: Darnold & Evans are the true flip floppers

TRUTH: Neither Darnold nor Evans have ever belonged to the Republican party, or attempted to run on a Republican ticket. Meanwhile, Ted Costa DID run as a Democrat for freeholder, while Lee Schneider submitted her resume to run as a Democrat in 2017. Edie Darnold chose to be Unaffiliated to avoid repercussions while working for the 100% Republican Hainesport Committee. Furthermore, portraying Evans’ legally applying for American citizenship as “flip flopping” is absurd. Isn’t it part of the American Dream to move to the US on a Visa, then get a Green Card, become a citizen and ultimately run for office to give back to the community where you raised your family?

CLAIM: Darnold & Evans are dividing the community

smear mailerTRUTH: Costa & Schneider ran the most divisive Primary Campaign in Hainesport’s history, using shady  operative and MHMUA affiliate Jason Carty to run fake page Hainesport Happening which smeared the Mayor and Committeeman Dickinson for weeks. It was proven in June that the most divisive figure in all of Rancocas Valley, Jason Carty, was the administrator of the Costa and Schneider Primary campaignsmear mailer. We strongly suspect he is still involved in their campaign, despite their very loud and persistent claims to the contrary.
And the very fact of just how misleading the “TRUTH”ful claims on this smear mailer, are, is in itself extremely divisive.

Meanwhile, the incident mentioned on the mailer has been amicably resolved between Evans and the landlord in question, who came to the Darnold & Evans Meet ‘n Greet a few weeks back.

CLAIM: Darnold & Evans DON’T oppose ending health benefits for part time employees.

TRUTH: Hainesport Democrats have always opposed health benefits. However, last year the Republican incumbents disguised a plan to fire Township Manager Leo Selb through ousting Bill Boettcher from the Committee after 24 years of service to Hainesport, as a move to begin rolling back health benefits. When challenged to vote instead to end all health benefits then and there, they of course refused.

CLAIM: Special interest groups like Alaimo donate to both parties in Hainesport

smear mailersmear mailer
TRUTH: Last year, Alaimo concealed their $5000 donation to the Republicans using a secret Super PAC, while openly giving the Democrats $300 (Donations by check of <$300 do not need to be documented). This year, Alaimo’s secret Republican donation was $7000, while the Democrats got nothing.

CLAIM: Evans used public money to travel for free and tour with her book

TRUTH: As an Adjunct Professor, Evans teaches for love, not money. For both her NJ State 2016 teaching positions combined, her 2016 income was $12,472. In 2016, she was awarded a $500 grant as part of a highly competitive process, to DEFRAY the cost of her travel to the AWP Conference in Los Angeles. The entire trip cost $1200, leaving her $700 out of pocket.

CLAIM: Darnold & Evans can’t say they have fought for things since 2008 when they only became involved in politics in 2016

TRUTH: Pat Macken, Chairperson of The Hainesport Democrats, stated in this article that “We have stood for transparency since 2008 and will continue to do so.” Darnold & Evans represent the Hainesport Democrats, who are clearly more united than the Hainesport Republicans.