Township Meeting October 9th 2018

Committeeman Fitzpatrick was not present at this meeting. There were some technical problems, and the meeting started 5 minutes late, with the video intended to come online partway through the meeting. In any event, it was a short meeting and the video never came online.

Public Comment (Agenda Items)

  • Luis Lopez asked for clarification of the following:
    • More information on RESOLUTION 2018-147-10
      • Mayor Masciocchi said that it involved working on a DOT grant to provide funds for a resurfacing and traffic calming project on Bancroft Lane
    • More information on RESOLUTION 2018-149-10
      • Paula explained that it would allow the Burlington County Bridge Commission to help them apply for a FEMA Firefighters Support Grant.
    • Did the ORDINANCE 2018-13 concern all signs in Hainesport?
      • Solicitor Gillespie said it was only billboards in the specified zone

Presentation /Discussion – Stephen Hruby Eagle Scout Project at Municipal Building Park

Stephen belongs to Hainesport Troop 5 and is working on his Eagle Scout status. He proposes to build a kiosk which will house a map of the Municipal Park including walking trails, and announcements of other community activities. He believes this will benefit Hainesport and is asking permission. The Committee agreed this was a great idea and granted him permission to begin building.

Ordinances & Resolutions of Note

ORDINANCE 2018-13 – Amending Chapter 104 of the Code of the Township of Hainesport Entitled Billboards (Public Hearing and Final Adoption). Passed without comment.

RESOLUTION 2018-147-10 – Approval to Submit a Grant Application and Execute a Grant Agreement for the 2018-2019 New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Grant for the Bancroft Lane Improvement Project. Passed without comment.

RESOLUTION 2018–148-10 – Rescinding Resolution 2018-112-7 Regarding Energy Aggregation/Cooperative Pricing and Directing Township Administrator to Undertake Eight Month Evaluation of Program. Passed 4-0. Mayor Masciocchi said he was hoping for some applause there, and the audience laughed and clapped.

RESOLUTION 2018-149-10 – Authorizing the Execution of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Burlington County Bridge Commission for Professional Assistance. Passed without comment.

Public Comment

  • EMS Shelby Linn wanted to mention some upcoming events:
    • The 9th annual Comedy Show is on Nov. 10
    • The Fall Festival is on Nov 4 from 10-2
    • The Fire Prevention Open House is on Oct 13 from 12-4
  • Rodger Schneider
    • wanted an update on his problem with the ditch that is forcing him to pay $500 in flood insurance annually. Paula said she had spoken to two people from the DEP and they didn’t think anything they did would lower his insurance as the ditch problem and the 100 Year Flood plain are not related.
  • Shirley Powell
    • asked if they had looked into her issue with speeding cars and unlawful trucks on Lumberton Rd. Paula said that it was a County road but she would reach out to the County and the State Police.
  • Gerry Clauss & Jim Horowitz, candidates for Township Committee
  • Luis Lopez thanked Committeewoman Schneider for arranging for the meetings to be videotaped.
Jim Horowitz & Gerry Clauss

Public Comment Presentation /Discussion – Squire Holdings

The next 30 minutes was taken up by a presentation followed by question and answer session by Vincent Squire and 3 other representatives of Squire Holdings. Squire presented an ambitious plan for developing the 75-112 acres of land by Shoprite to include an arena for sports facilities and events, a bar and restaurant, a 150-room hotel, and a multi-story parking lot. He proposed that the complex would be home to 2 sports teams, the Jersey Sharks and Community College Football team, the SJ Rockies. Squire envisaged the facility opening in 21/2 years.

The Committee and audience members raised concerns about transportation and access, parking, security and EMS coverage, and the DEP. Ultimately, Solicitor Gillespie said that the Squire Group would need to sit down with a member of the governing body and hash out a number of issues before moving the proposal ahead.

[Editor’s note: In researching Squire Holdings I found a number of alarming articles about Vincent Squire, including this one and this one. I have passed this information to Administrator Paula Kosko.]

Administrator Comment

  • Paula Kosko – none tonight.
  • Solicitor Comment – none tonight

    Committee Comment

  • Ted Costa wanted to shake the hand of the young Eagle Scout, who is exactly the kind of young man the community wants
  • Leila Gilmore
    • wished the Eagle Scout good luck
    • Thanked the Rec Committee for  Free Movie Night which was excellent and attended by about 200 people.
    • Urged everyone to attend the Fire Prevention Open House
    • Reminded everyone that Community Clean Up Day is on Oct 20
    • Encouraged everyone to join the first Annual TNR Walk which is 9-12 on October 27. $10 plus donate a pet food can to sign up and get a free tee shirt.
    • Stated that the Senior Citizens are meeting at noon on October 11th and 25th
    • Thanked everyone for coming
  • Lee Schneider
  • Mayor Masciocchi
    • Regarding the EAP, said that we listened to the township people and acted accordingly
    • Said today’s was the best meeting ever, with people coming together in the town to get things done
    • Added that the candidates standing side by side is how it should be, since it’s a small town and we all know each other
    • Regarding the Squire Holding presentation said that there are various directions this could go in. We would need to wait and see
    • Said that the Committee had reached out to the School Board with respect to the school bus route that was eliminated

After the bills were paid, the meeting adjourned at 8.02 p.m.